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The Rhapsody Composing Project (2013-2014)


Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity has worked with imagineear and physiotherapists and occupational therapists to launch a mobile phone app as part of the health project, Rhapsody, which brings together  music  and visual arts  into an interactive audio tour for the benefit of hospital patients.


The project has been funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England’s Grants for the arts programme. The artworks on the app have all been paired with newly-composed pieces of relaxing music and commissioned from selected 15 emerging composers. They have worked with project ambassador and international-award-winning composer Eric Whitacre, and project mentor William Mival, Head of Composition at the Royal College of Music, to create works inspired by both the artworks and physiotherapy at the hospital.


Press releases:


《Variety Walking》(2014)  by Mika Sawai

commissioned by Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity and dedicated to Julian Opie's artwork "Jeremy Walking in Coat, Kris Walking, Sian Walking and Verity Walking" (2011)


The first time I saw these artworks, they created a strong image of "walking" for me. Everybody looking at the artworks finds that we and the characters in the artworks walk together. Therefore, I have set the tempo of this piece to 92 beats per minute which is the avetage human's walking speed.

I also captured the sound of an urban city from his work and inserted some live recordings from a city life to this piece, such as a tube station and a street in London and in Tokyo to try and create a novel approach.


Joseph Richards - Vibraphone

Maksim Stsura - Piano

Mark Rose - Electric Bass


Recorded at RCM Studios


Produced by Matt Parkin


Engineered and mastered by Stephen Harrington




Please download the app below:














このプロジェクトは、芸術や文化の支援を行っているイギリスのアーツカウンシル・イングランドという団体からの助成を受けています。コンペティションにより選ばれた15人の若手作曲家は、プロジェクトのアンバサダーであるグラミー賞受賞作曲家エリック・ウィテカー氏と、プロジェクトの指導者の英国王立音楽大学(Royal College of Music, London)作曲科主任教授のウィリアム・ミヴァル氏と共に、病院内の芸術作品と理学療法からインスピレーションを受け、このプロジェクトの為に新曲を書きました。




Variety Walking》(2014) by Mika Sawai











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